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2011 - Toronto Motorcycle Show

Like every other automotive show that i've been to - From the infamous Detroit Auto Show to the World renowned Las Vegas SEMA show - The 2011 Toronto Motorcycle show brought out the best of what Toronto and the greater region had to display.

We were impressed by the amount of bikes that were on display. Stunters from were also around and they were kind enough to let me jump on one of their prop bikes. The wide array of brands were enough to fill any enthusiasts apatite. Included in the display were track bikes, Super Sport, Street, trail bikes and cruisers. There was the odd quad and the even rarer jet ski and snow mobile on display which personally I don't think have any place at a bike show - but I can appreciate the fact that we aren't always able to ride our bikes year round in Canada so why not enjoy and include the alternatives we have until the summer returns.

Everyone showed up with their "A" game for this show. Everything you would need to get you going for the upcoming riding season was either on display or for sale. From GoPro cameras to Insurance companies searching for new customers. Gear was abundant and most helmets and other necessary items were very reasonably priced. For that reason alone (the deals to be had) I would encourage riders in the region to attend.

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  • Honda

  • Bike Show (Video)

On that note. It must be said that attendance this year could have been better. I am sure some would say that we could blame it on the current state of the economy, but with that in mind and the fuel efficiency of these machines I would say the economy and gas prices are an incentive to get more people on bikes.

The atmosphere at the show was very warm. People were very friendly and at almost every booth there were smiles waiting to greet you. The show would be the perfect introduction to the world of biking for new bikers or people just interested in biking. There was an open atmosphere in most cases that allowed guests to sit on the bikes and get a feel for their stance. It would be the opportune time for someone on the market for a new bike to test each one out to best determine which one is right for them.

Check out our slide show of the event at the very top of this page to get a better idea of what it was like if you were not able to make it. Hopefully you will be able to show up for next year's show.

by Ziya Rahaman