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2012 The Toronto Auto Show.

The Canadian International Auto Show is held annually in Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre and it utilizes both the North as well as the South buildings. There is much to be seen at this show so make sure when you decide to go that you can dedicate an entire day to just being there. Go prepared to spend the day and be prepared to have lots of patience. Large crowds mean long lines. Everyone wants to see the cars on display so taking pictures can be quite the challenge, let's not even get into the challenge to get videos made. That said - Now that you are prepared and know what to expect. Get ready for an amazing show Toronto.

The Toronto Show brings out the best in classic, retro, exotic and concept cars. At the show you will see what many manufacturers have to offer. You will meet company reps who can attend to you and even figure out what your needs are to find you a great quote - We tested this at the Subaru booth and were received with a warm smile willing to help us find exactly what we needed. In some cases there are deals to be had. Some manufacturers offer deals on vehicles that can only be had at the show.

The exotic cars are certainly lots of fun to drive, but alas at the show we can only look - what an amazing view it is. The exotic cars section has the displays cordoned off which makes for a much more enjoyable viewing experience.

  • Lambos

  • Ferarri

  • by Patrick Tomasso (Video)

reality most of these exotic cars are outside the reach of most people who attend the show - especially within these tough economic times. It is with this in mind that I must comment both KIA and Hyundai for their gigantic steps forward. These two manufacturers have been showing innovation and leadership at an exponential growth rate. Their lust filled exterior design and internal gadgetry are really bringing out the kid in me that always pondered about what cars beyond the year 2000 would look like. We are a decade beyond the year 2000 and these manufacturers are really the first to start getting it right.

All things considered I would say that this years show was a success and an absolute hit. Visitors to the show were able to see many brands and what they all have to offer in one location. Its a great place for the person in the market for a new vehicle to scope out all the offerings all at once.

by Ziya Rahaman